About the walk

As a leader within the Army, one of your greatest responsibilities is the welfare and safety of America’s sons and daughters entrusted to your command. Transitioning into service in the Army Reserve and becoming a part of the veteran community, and learning about the challenges that face it, has confirmed for me that responsibility cannot end with the end of active duty.

When I decided to go to Europe to visit old friends and family, I knew that I wanted to stop at the Normandy D-Day Beaches. The sacrifice that the Allies made in Normandy nearly 74 years ago ensured the freedom of our Nation and is one that should be honored and never forgotten. I also wanted to use the occasion of my visit to try to bring support to the veterans of that war, and to all veterans, for some of the most important needs that arise as a consequence of their service.

That is why I am seeking donations for the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that helps support veterans and their families during medical emergencies.

The walk is to remember those who have served. But memory alone is not enough for me unless it inspires and guides how I act to support and honor that service. I hope you will join me in supporting this very important cause