Landing in Normandy, and Day 1 of the Remembrance Walk

Sailing across the English Channel to France, it’s easy to reflect on what is was like for the the soldiers and marines who crossed it so many years ago.

As the ferry approached Normandy, I looked out on the coast and imagined that these beaches were once filled with war.

Today I visited Sword, Juno, and Gold. The beaches have numerous monuments and museums near them, making it difficult for visitors to forget their meaning, and helping to illuminate the crucial role that they played for freedom in the world.

Nearly 74 years after D-Day, those same beaches are occupied by mothers and fathers watching their children play, and school groups out having field trips (unrelated to the historical significance of the sites). It is a powerful sight. This is what the sacrifice of those who fought for the invasion won.

All photos by Hayden Blumenfeld